Cloud Services

As our data becomes our most valuable asset, keeping it safe is paramount. In an effort to reduce risk companies are moving their information “into the cloud”. Though the cloud sounds global and almost magical it is simply a rack in a data centre somewhere.

As connectivity improves across the UK, more and more businesses are moving applications and infrastructure out of their offices and in to the cloud.

Odyssey own and operate our infrastructure which allows us to provide a reliable, scalable and flexible range of cloud services to our customers.

Domain Names

Register your domain name with Odyssey Systems. We’re a Nominet accredited registrar and can register over 1000 different top level domains for your business.

Domain Names registered through Odyssey belong to, and are registered to our customers. Most Odyssey customers choose to let us take responsibility for management and renewal of their domains, however for customers who like to take a more hands on approach our domain web portal gives you complete control.

Web Hosting

A hosting solution to suit all business requirements. Talk to Odyssey about our shared, virtual and dedicated servers.

Our shared linux based web hosting solutions are perfect for small business. For high volume and complex hosting requirements our team can design bespoke solutions to suit. Odyssey invest heavily in our own infrastructure for two very simple reasons; control and responsibility. Having complete control ensures our customer proposition is consistently bespoke to individual requirements.

If you’re not sure which service best suits your needs, call us.

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Email Hosting

We’ve offered fully managed email hosting services since 2006. You can trust our infrastructure and team to keep your business communicating.

Managed by our in house IT technicians and monitored by our powerful Mailshield to reduce the risk of harmful spam emails.

Web / Email Filtering

Take back total control of your network. Eliminate spam and unwanted traffic from your business.

We help network administrators deal with major challenges presented by email and website traffic. Odyssey employs sophisticated, multi-layered detection engines to protect your business from spam, malware, advanced threats and zero-day attacks

To find out more about how we can help keep your business talking, get in touch today.

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