Load Balanced Broadband

Our load balancing service routes your traffic over multiple connections to deliver a better experience to local network users, requiring absolutely no special setup on their PC.

Odyssey Onsite Engineer Installation FREE. We’re dedicated to delivering the best possible level of service which is why all of our connections are installed by fully trained Odyssey engineers, never subcontracted. We’ll bring all equipment required and leave site only everything is working exactly at it should.

Why Choose Odyssey?

Odyssey route traffic for your business to the internet via three different methods of load balancing.

Failover – Automatically route your traffic via a secondary connection if the primary goes down.

Service based – Send a specific service over one connection, and others over another. For example, website traffic over broadband connection A, and email traffic over broadband connection B.

User based – Send your low priority users down connection A, and high priority users down connection B.

Our Own Network, Never Resold.

Odyssey has invested heavily in our own core network infrastructure. This enables us take complete control, designing a network that delivers the best possible service for our business customers. Arguably more importantly, when there are issues it’s down to us and only us to get things fixed.

Best of Breed Business Class Wireless Router.

We’ll only install market leading manufacturer equipment. Equipment that allows us to implement features such as state full packet inspection firewalls, wireless N networking, QoS, VPN, load balancing, automatic failover and routed IP addresses. Not sure what they mean? It doesn’t matter. It’s our job to listen to your business needs and find the most appropriate solution to answer them.

Static IP Addresses Included.

All Odyssey internet connections come as standard with a static IPv4 address, there is no extra charge. Need more? It’s not a problem. As long as you can demonstrate why, we’re able to allocated larger block at no extra charge. Our network is also IPv6 ready.

Fully Managed and Actively Monitored

We continually invest in our own dedicated connectivity platform, never reselling other providers to ensure the ultimate level of service. Our dedicated teams of Odyssey IT engineers actively monitor your connections to ensure a high quality of service and are only a call away if you have experience any problems.

Key Facts

Boiling large and complex information down into easy to digest bits is what Odyssey do best. Here are some key stats:


Free set up and installation by your own dedicated IT engineer


Managed and monitored service


Our specialist Louise is here to give you all the advice and help you need.

Talk to us 01642 661888

No Fine Print.

Its free to switch to Odyssey’s fully managed broadband, we will not charge you a set-up fee and you will even be assigned a dedicated IT engineer to set up your Odyssey Broadband routers and carry out all of the onsite work for you.

We own and operate our own ISP network to offer our customers the best possible level of service. To find out more about how we can help keep your business talking, get in touch.

Talk to us 01642 661888