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The media sector is competitive, fast moving and deadline driven, and we know that whether you’re organising a public event, streaming video content or sending a magazine to print, you expect instant access to your network across the globe.

With digital technologies transforming the landscape and the way in which we communicate at an exponential rate, the necessity for multi-channel communications is imperative.

At Odyssey, we have a plethora of cloud and networks solutions, as well as voice and data systems that will ensure your business operations run efficiently, even under pressure.

Through a Unified Communications infrastructure, your employees can enjoy their media remotely.

Full call recording and reporting functionality allows the checking and verifying for accurate detail taking and management systems provide insight for staff management and ongoing training.

Online activity is central to most businesses within this sector and we can reassurance that Odyssey Systems delivers to the most demanding business bandwidth requirements, we never resell other providers which ensures the quality of service.

We continually invest in our own dedicated connectivity platform, ensuring that you will always benefit from the very latest tools to support your business.

“Odyssey listened to how our business was evolving and provided a package of solutions which not only meets our current needs, but gives us flexibility for the future.”

Paul WhitePartner, Recognition PR

Case Study

Recognition PR

Working with a number of analogue lines and low broadband speeds, Recognition’s modern age requirements far outstripped what they had in place.

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Arts and Media customers have maintenance contracts.


Have call recording to ensure accuracy of detail taking.


Use the Call Reporting data on a weekly basis.

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