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When Odyssey was founded in 1987, retail was largely confined to the high street or shopping centre. In the present day and shopping is truly multi-channel, which means all retail businesses need a robust communications strategy, to build and retain customer loyalty, and guarantee their revenue streams.

Customised networks are imperative to maintaining a flexible advantage over your competition, evolving with your business, not holding you back.

At Odyssey we have a comprehensive range of top-tier solutions from PCI-compliant voice, data and IT network services to in-store Wi-Fi and fully bespoke telephony provision.

We have an exemplary record within the retail sector, from helping solidify online and offline opportunities through improved connectivity, to ensuring payment channels are as swift and seamless as possible via resilient and dependable broadband capacity.

Keeping you connected across multiple branches, in the UK and abroad, we will ensure that a line will never go unanswered. With management of call flows during busy spells, you can guarantee your customers the best customer service possible, as well as complete call reporting to help facilitate weekly call checks and to assist with quality control.

By stripping dial tone multi frequency tones (DTMF), we can safeguard customers’ financial information when taking payment details over the telephone, protecting them from any fraudulent activity on their account.

Case Study

Charles Clinkard

Established by husband and wife Charles and Eveline Clinkard, the first store opened in Middlesbrough in 1924.

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