Direct Internet Access

Businesses heavily rely on the internet for operations, communication, and growth

Direct Internet Access (DIA) is a dedicated connection that offers numerous advantages for businesses seeking reliable and high-performance connectivity. 

Elevate your business connectivity with Odyssey Systems’ Direct Internet Access (DIA) solutions. Based in Stockton-on-Tees, we proudly support businesses across the North East with leading DIA solutions.

Why Use Odyssey Systems Direct Internet Access

Reliable connectivity is essential for business operations. Support your business growth with Direct Internet Access solutions from Odyssey. 
Take the first step towards better connectivity for your business



DIA provides a dedicated connection that ensures consistent and reliable internet access, minimising downtime.



DIA offers guaranteed bandwidth, enabling fast data transfer, seamless video conferencing, and efficient cloud usage.



DIA supports the performance of applications crucial for business operations, reducing latency and ensuring smooth usage.



With DIA, businesses can implement robust security measures and encryption to protect sensitive data and communications.

Experience unparalleled connectivity with Odyssey Systems Direct Internet Access. Our dedicated connection guarantees a stable online experience, minimising downtime and disruptions.  

Many business-critical applications require a dependable connection. With Direct Internet Access from Odyssey, you can seamlessly use all the essential tools to keep your business running. Our DIA systems prioritise data security, protecting sensitive data and communications. 

Choose Odyssey Systems for a connectivity solution that delivers reliability, performance, application support, and data security.

Benefits of Odyssey Systems Direct Internet Access for Businesses

Unlock many benefits for your business with Odyssey Systems’ Direct Internet Access. DIA enhances productivity by enabling swift access to resources and applications. Efficiently optimise cloud services with Odyssey’s DIA, supporting data-intensive tasks without compromising speed. Experience high-quality video conferencing and foster effective remote collaboration with scalable bandwidth designed to always meet your needs. Our high-speed DIA also streamlines data backup and recovery processes, minimising the risks of data loss. 

All businesses face tough competition – give yourself an advantage and stay ahead with Odyssey Systems’ DIA for business.



Our reliable and high-performance connectivity enhances employee productivity by enabling quick access to resources and applications.


Cloud Usage

DIA from Odyssey Systems ensures efficient usage of cloud services, supporting data-intensive tasks without compromising speed.


Video Conferencing Quality

DIA provides the bandwidth needed for high-quality video conferencing, fostering effective remote collaboration.



DIA offers scalability options, allowing businesses to easily adjust bandwidth as their needs evolve.


Data Backup
and Recovery

Our high-speed DIA facilitates efficient data backup and recovery processes, minimizing data loss risks.



Businesses with DIA can respond faster to customer inquiries, innovate quickly, and stay competitive.

Direct Internet Access is a strategic investment for businesses seeking reliable, high-performance connectivity to support their operations and growth

DIA empowers your business to confidently navigate the digital landscape by offering reliable connectivity, high performance, security, and scalability.

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Why Choose Odyssey

Odyssey has supported business growth through leading IT solutions for over 35 years. For more than three decades, we have been committed to delivering excellent customer service, communication, and support. 

We are debt-free and owner-managed, meaning we are free to give every customer the service we know they deserve. That means when you choose Odyssey for DIA service, you can benefit from 24/7 support from our Stockton-based team and no-question-asked access to our directors. We operate our own dedicated business-only core network, and all work is completed by Odyssey employees, never subcontracted, guaranteeing accountability and quality control at every step. 

When you choose Odyssey for DIA, you’re choosing ongoing support for your business growth.

Where We Work: DIA Systems in the North East

We are based in Stockton-on-Tees and deliver our exceptional Direct Internet Access solutions to businesses across the North East. We support the internet access needs of companies in Stockton, Middlesbrough, Newcastle, Hartlepool, Darlington, Durham and the surrounding areas.


Who We Work With: DIA for All Industries

At Odyssey, our client base spans various industries and business types. We collaborate with enterprises of all sizes, recognising that each business has distinct connectivity requirements regardless of its scale or sector. From dynamic start-ups to well-established corporations, Odyssey caters to the connectivity needs of any business. With our scalable Direct Internet Access systems, we can grow with you to meet your evolving connectivity needs.

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Direct Internet Access FAQS

What is the difference between broadband and direct Internet access?

Broadband shares bandwidth among multiple users, affecting speed consistency. Direct Internet Access (DIA) provides dedicated, reliable connectivity exclusively for the user, ensuring consistently high performance.

How does direct Internet access work?

DIA offers a dedicated connection, bypassing shared networks to provide businesses with exclusive and reliable internet access, minimising downtime and ensuring seamless operations.

Can DIA support remote and hybrid work?

With the rise of remote working, we have also seen a corresponding increase in online conferencing. Direct Internet Access helps you meet the connectivity demands of conferencing, ensuring secure and reliable communication across your business.

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