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We empower business with anytime, anywhere, any device access to business applications and data. We are a Microsoft Partner operating from ISO27001 certified data centres and Azure.

IT and Cloud Services

At Odyssey, we empower businesses throughout the North East with a comprehensive range of leading IT cloud management services. Whether facilitating seamless communication or ensuring peace of mind through reliable backups of your digital assets, we help drive your business forward. Equip your workplace with the essential tools to enhance performance, communication, collaboration, and productivity.

Explore our selection of cloud consulting and support services below.

Domain Registration

Domain registration is a foundational step in creating a recognizable and accessible identity on the internet

Microsoft 365 Licenses 

Microsoft 365 stands as a comprehensive suite of productivity tools designed to elevate businesses to new heights of operational excellence.

Microsoft Azure

At Odyssey, we bring forth the transformative capabilities of Microsoft Azure, providing tailored solutions that harness its power for businesses to innovate, scale, and thrive. Explore the boundless possibilities of Azure with Odyssey Systems.

Microsoft Exchange Online

With a comprehensive suite of email and calendaring tools, Exchange Online transcends the traditional boundaries, empowering businesses with unparalleled productivity and interconnectedness.

Odyssey 365 Backup

At Odyssey, we understand that safeguarding your digital assets isn’t merely a service; it’s a commitment to your business’s continuity and growth.

Odyssey Desktop

Enter Odyssey Desktop, a robust and comprehensive communication and collaboration platform meticulously crafted to elevate workplace connectivity and productivity to new heights.

Odyssey Private Cloud

In the fast-evolving landscape of technology, businesses heavily rely on secure, scalable, and adaptable cloud solutions. Odyssey Systems offers the Odyssey Private Cloud – an exclusive, controlled cloud environment designed to cater to individual business requirements.

Our North East business IT support services encompass everything from the initial steps of domain registration to tailored dedicated cloud environments. Odyssey is much more than IT support; we are your dedicated technology partners. Explore our diverse suite of services and uncover how we can elevate your business.

North East Cloud Computing Solutions

At Odyssey, we take pride in offering dedicated IT services to businesses across the North East, including Stockton, Middlesbrough, Newcastle, Durham, Hartlepool, Darlington, and the surrounding areas. We are based in Stockton-on-Tees and are committed to supporting the North East’s diverse and innovative businesses. We serve as the go-to cloud service provider for companies across the region, providing comprehensive support to help them achieve their goals.

Cloud Computing Services For All Businesses

In the current business landscape, the demand for IT services is universal. Every business, regardless of industry, is impacted by technology and can benefit from IT or Cloud support. Our diverse range of clients spans various industries, encompassing typical office-based businesses, construction companies and everything in between. At Odyssey, we are well-versed in providing comprehensive support to businesses of all types, ensuring they navigate the complexities of technology seamlessly and efficiently.

IT Consulting & Cloud Services FAQs

Does Odyssey Provide Other IT Services?

Yes, in addition to our North East cloud management service, we offer comprehensive support covering business internet connectivity, onsite infrastructure, cybersecurity, and more. 

What Is Odyssey Desktop And How Can It Help My Business?

Odyssey Desktop is a robust communication and collaboration platform for increasing workplace productivity and connectivity. It includes integrated tools, including messaging, video conferencing, and file sharing. Odyssey Desktop prioritises data security, enables remote work, and reduces costs. It improves operational efficiency, giving you a competitive edge.

What Is Microsoft Azure And How Can It Help My Business?

Microsoft Azure is a leading cloud platform that empowers businesses to transform operations. With scalability, innovation, global reach, security, and cost efficiency, Azure facilitates agility, disaster recovery, collaboration, and analytics. It’s a versatile solution that enables businesses to stay competitive and adapt.

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