SoADSL SoGEA and FTTP Broadband

Seamless, reliable and high-speed internet connectivity is crucial for operational efficiency and growth

Odyssey Systems offers a range of reliable broadband options such as SoADSL, SoGEA, and FTTP (Fibre to the Premises), each tailored to cater to diverse connectivity needs in the corporate landscape.

Why Choose SoADSL, SoGEA, and FTTP Broadband?

The reliability and speed of your internet connection play a crucial role in determining your business’s efficiency and competitive edge. Odyssey Systems provides a spectrum of broadband choices, each strategically designed to serve distinct connectivity requirements, empowering businesses to foster continual communication, swift data transfer, and a robust digital infrastructure.



Dependable broadband connectivity ensures continuous communication, data access, and customer engagement.



High-speed internet facilitates quick data transfer, enhancing collaboration, file sharing, and real-time interactions.



Efficient connectivity gives businesses a competitive advantage by enabling them to respond faster and operate more smoothly.



Robust internet enables businesses to adopt cloud-based services, digital tools, and e-commerce, fostering innovation.

Benefits of SoADSL, SoGEA, and FTTP for Businesses

SoADSL, SoGEA, and FTTP—three distinct broadband options—each wields its own strengths, catering to diverse business needs in the digital landscape. Here are some of the unique advantages of each option, starting with SoADSL’s Symmetrical Over Asymmetrical DSL, which offers a balanced approach to upload and download speeds.


(Symmetrical Over Asymmetrical DSL)

Offers balanced upload and download speeds, supporting activities like video conferencing and file sharing.


(Single Order Generic Ethernet Access)

Simplifies connectivity provisioning, providing broadband without the need for a traditional phone line.


(Fiber to the Premises)

Provides ultra-fast speeds and low latency, accommodating data-intensive tasks and future technological demands.



All three options offer reliable connectivity, reducing downtime and ensuring consistent operations.



SoGEA and FTTP offer scalability, allowing businesses to upgrade bandwidth as their needs grow.


Improved Communication

High-quality video conferencing and VoIP communication become seamless with these broadband options.

Elevating Business Efficiency and Competitiveness

SoADSL, SoGEA, and FTTP broadband options are essential for modern businesses seeking efficient communication, enhanced productivity, and competitiveness

By providing reliable connectivity, scalability, and the ability to adopt digital tools, these broadband solutions enable businesses to adapt to changing technological landscapes and achieve their goals. Choosing the right broadband option is a strategic investment that lays the foundation for streamlined operations, innovation, and sustained success.

SoADSL and SoGEA Broadband for North East Businesses

Based in Stockton-on-Tees, we offer our broadband services to businesses across the North East. We have SoADSL, SoGEA, and FTTP customers in Stockton, Middlesbrough, Newcastle, Hartlepool, Darlington, Durham, and the surrounding areas. Our reliable and high-speed broadband solutions cater to the diverse needs of businesses across the North East, ensuring operational efficiency and growth.

SoADSL and SoGEA Broadband for Businesses of All Sizes

Odyssey offers personalised broadband solutions designed for your business needs. Whether your business is a small start-up or a large enterprise, our SoADSL, SoGEA, and FTTP broadband services are designed to meet your business’s unique connectivity requirements. No matter your business size, sector, or connectivity requirements, Odyssey can deliver a solution tailored to you.

Upgrade Your Business’s Broadband 

Experience reliable and high-speed broadband connectivity with Odyssey. Contact our experts now at 01642 661888 to discuss your business needs. Don’t let bad connectivity disrupt your business; switch to one of our SoADSL, SoGEA, or FTTP to ensure high speeds and stable connectivity. 

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SoADSL, SoGEA and FTTP Broadband FAQs

Should my business use SoADSL, SoGEA, or FTTP?

Choosing between SoADSL, SoGEA, or FTTP depends on your business needs. SoADSL offers balanced speeds for various activities, while SoGEA simplifies connectivity without a traditional phone line. FTTP provides ultra-fast speeds and low latency, ideal for data-intensive tasks. Assess your requirements and consult our experts for personalised recommendations.

Can Odyssey broadband solutions scale with business growth?

Absolutely. Our SoADSL and SoGEA broadband solutions are scalable, allowing businesses to easily upgrade their bandwidth as they grow. This flexibility ensures that your internet connectivity can adapt to the evolving needs of your business, providing a reliable and efficient solution for future growth.

Are Odyssey’s broadband solutions suitable for small businesses?

Yes, Odyssey broadband solutions accommodate businesses of all sizes. Our SoADSL, SoGEA, and FTTP options provide scalable and efficient connectivity, ensuring that small businesses receive reliable and adaptable broadband services to support their operations and growth.

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