Microsoft Exchange Online

Microsoft Exchange Online is a robust, cloud-based solution tailored to elevate your organisation’s communication and collaboration.

With a comprehensive suite of email and calendaring tools, Exchange Online transcends the traditional boundaries, empowering businesses with unparalleled productivity and interconnectedness.

Why Use Odyssey Systems Microsoft Exchange Online

Upgrade your business communication and collaboration with Odyssey Systems’ Microsoft Exchange email hosting. Efficient and effective communication is paramount in any work environment. Our  Microsoft Exchange-hosted services provide a platform designed to enhance productivity, streamline workflow, and ensure secure access from anywhere.



Exchange Online integrates email, calendar, contacts, and tasks, providing a unified platform for seamless communication.



Cloud-based access ensures users can securely access their emails and calendars from any device with an internet connection.



Exchange Online includes robust security measures such as encryption, anti-malware, and anti-phishing protocols.



Automatic data backup and retention policies safeguard against data loss due to accidental deletion or technical issues.

Benefits of Odyssey Systems Microsoft Exchange Online for Businesses

Efficient communication and collaboration are essential for modern businesses to thrive. Microsoft Exchange Online serves as a powerful solution to address these needs. But how does it translate into tangible benefits for businesses?


Enhanced Productivity

Exchange Online’s features like shared calendars, real-time collaboration, and automatic scheduling streamline workflow.



With mobile-friendly interfaces and synchronization, users can stay productive while on the go.


Cost Efficiency

Cloud-based deployment reduces hardware and maintenance costs, making Exchange Online a cost-effective choice.



Microsoft’s global data centres ensure high availability, minimising downtime and ensuring reliable access.



Exchange Online can scale to accommodate growing email and communication needs without infrastructure changes.



Features like message archiving and eDiscovery will assist your business in meeting regulatory compliance requirements.

Maximising Business Potential with Microsoft Exchange Online

Microsoft Exchange Online stands as a powerful solution that enhances communication, collaboration, and productivity within businesses

By offering unified communication, anywhere access, security, and cost efficiency, Exchange Online empowers businesses to optimise their email and calendaring processes. 

Why Choose Odyssey for Microsoft Exchange Online

Odyssey Systems’ Microsoft Exchange services go above and beyond, ensuring efficient communication and collaboration for your business. We operate a dedicated core network, provide 24/7 support, and all work is carried out by our in-house team. Plus, all clients have direct access to our directors, no questions asked. For leading Microsoft exchange hosting and unbeatable customer service, choose Odyssey. Experience the Odyssey difference. 

Learn more about our expertise and incredible team.

Microsoft Hosted Exchange for North East Businesses

Odyssey delivers Microsoft Exchange hosting solutions to businesses throughout the North East. We proudly support businesses in Stockton, Middlesbrough, Newcastle, Hartlepool, Darlington, and Durham. Whether you are part of Newcastle’s tech-forward business scene or nestled in the historic city of Durham, Odyssey’s expertise in Microsoft Exchange Online can optimise your communication and collaboration infrastructure.

Microsoft Exchange Hosted Services for All Businesses

From start-ups embarking on their digital journey to established enterprises seeking enhanced communication tools, Odyssey’s Microsoft Exchange Online services are designed for businesses of all sizes. Start-ups benefit from our scalable solutions, ensuring seamless support for growth. Established large-scale enterprises find tailored communication strategies that accommodate even the most extensive scopes, fostering operational efficiency at scale. Businesses from all sectors rely on email, calendaring, and other essential tools. We work with companies from all areas to create personalised Exchange hosting solutions that meet their precise needs. Whatever your business sector or size, we have an Exchange hosting solution for you.

Unlock Seamless Communication With Microsoft Exchange

For reliable and secure email hosting solutions delivered by a trusted, customer-first cloud services provider, choose Odyssey’s Exchange hosting. To learn more about how we can help your business, speak to our business cloud and communication tool experts.


Enquire About Microsoft Exchange Hosted Services

Elevate your business communication and productivity today with Microsoft Exchange Online. Our expert team at Odyssey Systems is ready to tailor solutions that fit your needs seamlessly. Experience the power of unified communication and enhanced productivity. Contact us at 01642 661888 and unlock the potential of your business with Exchange Online.

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Microsoft Exchange Hosted Services FAQs

Can I access my emails and calendars from any device with Microsoft Exchange?

Yes, Exchange Online provides anywhere access from any device with an internet connection, allowing easy access to emails even when on the go.

What is the difference between Microsoft Exchange and Outlook?

Microsoft Exchange and Outlook serve different purposes. Microsoft Exchange is a server-side solution managing emails, calendars, and more, while Outlook is an email client that users interact with on their devices, connecting to the Exchange server. In essence, Exchange is the server, and Outlook is the client application for accessing Exchange services.

Are Microsoft Exchange and Office 365 different?

Yes, Microsoft Exchange and Office 365 are different but related. 
Microsoft Exchange is an email server and collaboration platform, while Office 365 is a subscription service that includes Exchange, along with other productivity applications, including Word and Excel. Exchange is part of Office 365’s suite of tools. For more information on Office 365, explore our Microsoft 365 license services.

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