Call Reporting & Recording

Effective communication is at the core of business success

Call reporting and recording tools offer businesses valuable insights and records of customer interactions, enabling improved service delivery, compliance, and operational efficiency

Odyssey’s call reporting and recording services are crafted to elevate customer experiences. With insightful data and analytics, our services empower businesses to optimise service quality, enhance employee evaluations with deeper insights, ensure compliance, and identify strengths and areas for improvement.

Why Use Odyssey Systems for Call Reporting & Recording

Choose Odyssey for business call reporting and recording and elevate your business to new heights with data-led performance evaluations, quality assurance, and more. Our services offer valuable insights through call reports. Our business call recording services are useful in dispute resolution and help you maintain regulatory compliance. Learn more about why you should use Odyssey’s call reporting and recording…



Call reports provide data on call volumes, response times, and agent performance, aiding in performance evaluation.



Call recording allows businesses to monitor interactions for quality assurance and training purposes.



Recorded calls serve as evidence for resolving disputes and addressing misunderstandings with customers.



Call recording assists businesses in meeting industry regulations and compliance requirements.

Benefits of Odyssey Systems Call Reporting & Recording for Businesses

Business call reporting and recording services redefine business communication, offering multifaceted advantages to elevate your operations. Dive into our comprehensive offerings that enhance customer service, enable targeted employee training, provide insightful analytics, and optimise operational efficiency.


Customer Service

Call reporting helps identify trends and areas needing improvement, enhancing customer interactions.


Training and

Recorded calls enable targeted training and coaching for employees, leading to improved communication skills.



Call reporting provides data-driven insights that guide decision-making and optimize resource allocation.



Recorded calls offer accurate records to resolve disputes and ensure transparency with customers.



Call recording aids businesses in adhering to industry regulations and maintaining legal compliance.



Insights from call reporting lead to optimized workflows, streamlined processes, and improved call handling.

Call reporting and recording tools are instrumental in helping your business deliver exceptional customer service, comply with regulations, and enhance operational efficiency

By offering insights for performance evaluation, quality assurance, dispute resolution, and compliance adherence, these tools empower businesses to excel in communication.

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Why Choose Odyssey for Business Call Recording?

Upgrade your customer service and employee training by choosing Odyssey Systems for your call reporting and recording needs. We are a reliable partner for all your business voice and video solutions. As a debt-free, owner-managed business, we ensure an independent service delivered by our in-house team of business IT and communication specialists. Our business-only core network guarantees secure connectivity for robust reporting and recording. At Odyssey, we prioritise fantastic service in everything we do, providing 24/7 support and direct access to directors. Odyssey Systems is your catalyst for efficient, quality communication, transforming your business operations.

North East Business Call Reporting and Recording

Based in Stockton-on-Tees, we offer our call reporting and recording services across the North East, serving businesses in Stockton, Middlesbrough, Hartlepool, Darlington, Newcastle, Durham, and the surrounding areas. We are proud to provide tailored call recording solutions that meet the diverse needs of North East businesses.

Call Recording and Reporting for All Businesses

Odyssey collaborates with businesses of all sizes and across various sectors, offering custom call reporting and recording solutions. No matter your business size or type, we can create a solution tailored to your requirements. We take pride in supporting a diverse array of businesses, providing them with the tools to enhance communication, compliance, and operational efficiency.

Business Call Recording FAQs

What are the GDPR requirements for call recording?

GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) mandates that call recordings must be stored securely and encrypted to protect sensitive information. Access to recordings should be limited to authorised parties, and sharing with third parties is prohibited without explicit consent. Under GDPR, businesses must obtain explicit consent to record a call after informing the caller about the purpose of recording.

Is Odyssey’s Call Reporting Service Suitable for Small Businesses?

Absolutely, Odyssey’s call reporting service is designed to cater to businesses of all sizes, including small enterprises. Our solutions are tailored to meet each company’s unique needs, ensuring that even small businesses can benefit from the advantages of effective call reporting. Call reporting helps support your business growth, and our scalable call recording solutions can grow with you.

Can Call Recording Help with Employee Training?

Yes, call recording plays a crucial role in employee training by providing real examples of customer interactions. It enables targeted coaching, helping employees improve communication skills and enhance customer service.

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