Mitel MiVoice Business

A robust unified communications solution, offers businesses a comprehensive platform to enhance communication, collaboration, and customer engagement. 

Transform your business communication with Odyssey Systems’ Mitel MiVoice Business services, a robust unified communications solution.

Why Use Odyssey Systems Mitel MiVoice

Our platform integrates voice, video, messaging, and collaboration tools, streamlining communication and enhancing customer engagement. Serving businesses across the North East, we bring advanced communication capabilities to your doorstep.

Experience unified communication, efficient call routing, and real-time collaboration with Mitel MiVoice Business. Adapt to changing communication needs with our scalable solution for growing businesses.



Mitel MiVoice Business integrates voice, video, messaging, and collaboration tools into a single platform, streamlining communication.



The platform empowers businesses to deliver exceptional customer experiences through efficient call routing and personalized interactions.



MiVoice Business supports teamwork by providing real-time collaboration tools, enhancing remote work and project management.



The solution can scale to meet the communication needs of growing businesses, adapting to changing demands.

Benefits of Odyssey Systems Mitel MiVoice Business for Businesses

Optimise productivity, enhance customer satisfaction, and achieve cost efficiency with features including presence information, personalised interactions, and integrated calendars. MiVoice Business ensures high availability, flexibility, and seamless integration with other business applications.



MiVoice Business improves productivity with features like presence information, instant messaging, and integrated calendars.



Efficient call routing and personalised interactions ensure high-quality customer service, enhancing customer satisfaction.



The platform’s unified communication capabilities reduce the need for multiple communication tools, leading to cost savings.



Mitel MiVoice Business offers high availability and uptime, minimizing communication disruptions and downtime.



The solution supports various communication channels, allowing users to choose their preferred mode of communication.



MiVoice Business integrates with other business applications, enhancing workflow efficiency and data sharing.

Mitel MiVoice Business stands as a transformative solution for businesses seeking to optimise communication, collaboration, and customer engagement

By providing unified communication, enhanced productivity, customer satisfaction, and integration capabilities, MiVoice Business empowers businesses to adapt to modern communication demands.

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Why Choose Odyssey for Mitel MiVoice Business

Elevate your business communication with Odyssey Systems’ Mitel MiVoice Business services. Choose Odyssey, a trusted IT services provider with extensive experience in the sector and unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction.

As a debt-free, owner-managed business, Odyssey operates independently, prioritising excellence in every aspect of our Mitel MiVoice services. All Mitel MiVoice work is carried out by our highly skilled in-house experts – never outsourced. Our Mitel MiVoice service is backed by 24/7 support from our Stockton-On-Tees team, and you have no questions asked, access to our directors.

We combine cutting-edge communication tools with unparalleled customer service, ensuring innovative and efficient communication throughout your organisation. Choose Odyssey for Mitel MiVoice – your dedicated partner for business communication solutions.

Mitel MiVoice for North East Businesses

Located in Stockton-on-Tees, Odyssey extends its Mitel MiVoice Business services to businesses across the North East, including Stockton, Middlesbrough, Hartlepool, Darlington, Newcastle, Durham, and the surrounding areas. We provide tailored Mitel MiVoice solutions to the region’s best businesses, meeting the communication needs of businesses of all sizes from various industries.

Mitel MiVoice Business for Businesses of All Sizes and Types

Odyssey’s Mitel MiVoice Business solutions are designed to accommodate businesses of all sizes and across diverse sectors. Odyssey is dedicated to enhancing your communication processes with sophisticated voice and collaboration tools. Our Mitel MiVoice solutions are tailored to foster productivity and efficiency, providing cloud-connected communication solutions for businesses no matter their size or industry.

Transform Your Communication with Mitel MiVoice Business

Contact Odyssey now at 01642 661888 to transform your business communication with Mitel MiVoice Business. Experience unified communication, enhanced collaboration, and scalable solutions tailored to your needs. Our experts are here to guide you towards a more efficient and innovative communication experience.

Mitel MiVoice Business FAQs

Is Mitel MiVoice suitable for small businesses?

Yes, Mitel MiVoice Business is suitable for small businesses. Its scalability allows it to adapt to the communication needs of growing businesses, offering unified communication features, customer interaction tools, team collaboration support, and more. It’s a versatile solution that can enhance productivity for businesses of various sizes, including small enterprises, and continue to meet your needs as you grow.

What customer support is available for Mitel MiVoice Business users?

Odyssey Systems provides 24/7 support for Mitel MiVoice Business users, ensuring assistance is available whenever needed. You will always deal with an Odyssey in-house expert and never have to deal with automated menus.

Can Mitel MiVoice Business help me save money?

Absolutely! MiVoice enhances efficiency and productivity, leading to increased earnings and cost savings. By consolidating various communication tools into one service, you save money compared to purchasing multiple individual communication products and services

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