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From physical handsets to softphones and Microsoft Teams. Just ringtone to full contact centres. Odyssey has a telephony solution for your North East business.

Voice & Video Services

Delve into the world of cutting-edge business telephony with Odyssey’s voice and video services. From traditional telephone systems and call recording software to the seamless integration of Microsoft Teams and advanced Mitel MiVoice Business solutions, we tailor our offerings to meet your communication needs. Odyssey empowers businesses with comprehensive voice and video services, ensuring optimal connectivity, collaboration, and customer engagement.

Call Reporting & Recording

Call reporting and recording tools offer businesses valuable insights & records of customer interactions, improving service delivery, compliance, and operational efficiency

Contact Centre & CTI

Contact Centre solutions, coupled with Computer Telephony Integration (CTI), offer businesses the tools to manage customer interactions seamlessly

Desktop Telephones

Desktop telephones continue to be relevant and widely used in business environments for several reasons

Microsoft Teams 

Microsoft Teams, a comprehensive collaboration platform, offers businesses a unified solution to connect, communicate, and collaborate seamlessly

Mitel MiVoice Business

Transform your business communication with Odyssey Systems’ Mitel MiVoice Business services, a robust unified communications solution.

Mobile Phones & SIM Cards

These mobile technologies enable seamless communication, collaboration, and operational efficiency for businesses of all sizes. This brief highlights the significance and advantages of mobile phones and SIM cards for businesses

Odyssey Voice

Odyssey Voice, a comprehensive communication platform, offers businesses advanced voice services to enhance connectivity and collaboration

Telephone Lines & Numbers

Telephone lines and numbers offer businesses a direct and reliable means of communication that enhances accessibility and professionalism

Video Conferencing Rooms

Video conferencing rooms offer businesses the ability to connect and collaborate with colleagues, clients, and partners from around the world

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Why Choose Odyssey for Voice and Video

Elevate your communication with Odyssey, a trusted name in business telephony since 1987. As a debt-free, owner-managed business, we prioritise independence and excellence. Our dedicated business-only core network guarantees secure and high-performance connectivity, and all work is handled by our in-house team of specialists. Choose Odyssey for a reliable partner committed to enhancing your business voice and video solutions, offering 24/7 support and direct access to company directors.

Business Voice and Video Solutions North East

Odyssey provides exceptional voice and video services to businesses across the Northeast, including business telephone systems, call recording software, computer telephony integration (CTI), Mitel MiVoice Business, and more. We help businesses in Stockton, Middlesbrough, Newcastle, Durham, Hartlepool, Darlington, and surrounding areas. Odyssey is proud to work with and support the North East’s thriving business, assisting companies of all sizes and from various industries.

Telephony Solutions for All Businesses

Odyssey collaborates with businesses of all sizes and sectors, offering tailored voice and video solutions to meet diverse needs. Whether you’re a large corporation or a growing startup, our expertise enhances your communication capabilities.

Transform Your Business Communication Today!

Ready to revolutionise your business voice and video services? Whether you seek advanced business telephone systems, call recording solutions, or innovative communication platforms like Mitel MiVoice Business, Odyssey is your trusted partner. Elevate your business operations

Business Telephone Services FAQs

Are there cost advantages to using Odyssey’s voice and video services?

Yes, our services are designed not just for enhanced communication but also for cost efficiency. Odyssey ensures you pay for only what you need by tailoring our solutions to your specific requirements. Additionally, platforms like Microsoft Teams consolidate multiple collaboration tools into one, eliminating the need for separate services and maximising the value of your investment. With Odyssey, you can optimise your costs while enjoying the full spectrum of advanced communication solutions.

How does Odyssey ensure data security for call recording services?

At Odyssey, we prioritise data security. Our call recording services include secure and encrypted storage, with limited access to ensure confidentiality. We strictly adhere to GDPR requirements.

Does Odyssey offer training on new telephony systems?

We recognise the significance of a seamless transition and provide comprehensive training and support. We aim to ensure that your team is well-prepared and proficient in effectively utilising the new telephony systems.

The Odyssey Difference

Customer service is an overused and largely devalued concept in modern business. Many companies claim to offer exceptional customer service, few consistently deliver. The needs of every Odyssey customer is central to every decision we make.
We start with six simple differences…

Supporting businesses for over 35 years, debt free and owner managed

Operate our own dedicated business only core network

All work completed by Odyssey employees, never subcontracted

Speak to a company director at any time, no questions asked

24/7 support from our team based in Stockton On Tees

Your calls answered within three rings, no menus or voicemail

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