Odyssey 365 Backup

In an age where data isn’t just information – it’s the lifeline of businesses… ensuring its protection and accessibility stands as the cornerstone of success.

At Odyssey, we understand that safeguarding your digital assets isn’t merely a service; it’s a commitment to your business’s continuity and growth.

Why Choose Odyssey 365 Backup?

Amidst the relentless tide of technological evolution and persistent cyber threats, Odyssey stands tall as your unwavering partner, offering unparalleled:



Odyssey 365 Backup ensures that critical business data remains resilient against accidental deletion, corruption, or cyberattacks.



Reliable data backup guarantees quick recovery in the event of data loss, minimizing downtime and preventing disruptions.



Odyssey 365 Backup helps businesses adhere to data protection regulations by providing secure and compliant backup solutions.



Backups serve as a defence against ransomware attacks, providing the ability to restore data without paying ransoms.

Benefits of Odyssey 365 Backup for Businesses

Choosing Odyssey 365 Backup isn’t just about safeguarding data; it’s about fortifying your business against the uncertainties of a digital landscape. Beyond the immediate advantages of data recovery and operational efficiency lie multifaceted benefits that redefine how your business perceives and utilises its invaluable digital assets.



In case of data loss, Odyssey 365 Backup enables quick and comprehensive data recovery, preventing financial losses and reputational damage.



With reliable backups in place, your business can resume operations swiftly after data-related incidents.



Backing up data ensures compliance with data retention and privacy regulations, avoiding legal and financial repercussions.


Protection Against

Our backup copies shield businesses from ransomware attacks by offering data restoration options without yielding to extortion.


Peace of Mind

Knowing that critical business data is backed up and can be restored provides peace of mind for business owners and stakeholders.


Long-Term Retention

Odyssey 365 Backup allows businesses to retain historical data for legal, analytical, and archival purposes.

Safeguarding Data with Odyssey 365 Backup

In an era where data loss and cyber threats are constant risks, Odyssey 365 Backup emerges as an indispensable tool for your business

By offering data resilience, business continuity, compliance support, and cybersecurity preparedness, it ensures you’re your business can navigate challenges with minimal disruptions.

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Why Choose Odyssey?

Today, businesses are quick to promise exceptional customer service. However, these promises often go unmet. At Odyssey, the promise of great customer service is a commitment we are dedicated to. Here’s what makes us different…

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  • We own and operate our own dedicated core network.
  • We never subcontract; all work is completed by Odyssey employees.
  • You can talk to a company director – no questions asked.
  • Our expert Stockton IT support team is available 24/7.
  • We promptly answer your calls – no need for voicemail and no menus.

Data Backup Solutions For North East Businesses

Based in Stockton-on-Tees, Odyssey offers its specialised data backup and recovery service, Odyssey 365 Backup, to businesses across the North East. We have data backup service clients across Stockton, Middlesbrough, Newcastle, Durham, Hartlepool, Darlington, and the surrounding areas. Join many of the North East’s best businesses and discover peace of mind with expert data backup solutions tailored to meet your unique business needs.


Data Backup Management For All Businesses

Odyssey works with various sectors, delivering data backup and recovery to businesses across the North East. We provide data backup and recovery for small businesses and large enterprises alike. And there is no industry we cannot help. Protecting your digital assets is vital regardless of your sector. From local startups to established enterprises, our data backup management services cater to each client’s individual requirements. Partner with Odyssey for reliable data backup services designed to fortify the digital resilience of your business.

Backup Your Data With Odyssey 365

Ready to fortify your business against data loss and ensure seamless recovery? Odyssey 365 Backup offers all the data backup and recovery support your business needs. Safeguard your digital assets, minimise downtime, and ensure business continuity. Contact our team today at 01642 661888 to learn more. Secure your peace of mind with Odyssey 365.

Odyssey 365 Backup FAQs

What is Odyssey 365 Backup, and how does it differ from other backup solutions?

Odyssey 365 Backup is a specialised service ensuring the resilience of critical business data against accidental deletion, corruption, and cyber threats. Unlike generic backup solutions, it’s tailored to each business’s unique needs, providing comprehensive data recovery options.

Can Odyssey 365 Backup protect against ransomware attacks, and how does it do so?

Yes, Odyssey 365 Backup serves as a defence against ransomware attacks. By offering secure backup copies, businesses can restore their data without yielding to extortion, ensuring data protection and business continuity.

Can Odyssey 365 Backup accommodate support for small businesses?

Yes, Odyssey 365 Backup caters to businesses of all sizes. Whether a local start-up or an established enterprise, our tailored data backup solutions address each client’s distinct requirements, providing scalable and reliable services.

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