MPLS Networks

MPLS networks bring security, simplicity, and control for your business. As all your sites connect into a central Odyssey ‘cloud’ rather than to a head office site, the network is more flexible & resilient than using site-to-site leased lines or VPNs.

MPLS is perfect for businesses that grow and operate from many separate geographic sites. An Odyssey MPLS can remove boundaries and deliver a single network to support your voice and data requirements regardless of location.

Using a choice of access technologies, our MPLS service connects numerous business sites to create a private, highly secure network. It is ideal for a range of companies, including multi-site businesses that need to share data and firms that want private networking solutions without having to cover significant capital expense.

With a range of product options available, this solution is flexible and scalable and can adapt to any changes in your business. All of our services are designed to provide high levels of resilience, either with an additional line or a different product set depending on your company’s specific needs.

Multi Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) is a “routing protocol” used in high performance networks. It marks each data packet with a virtual label, which is then used to move the data packets from network node to another.This provides a extremely efficient and secure method of routing data on what is effectively a private customer network protected from the Internet. This removes the need for local router configuration and the subsequent encryption which is required for secure transmission of data over the Internet when using VPNs.

Key Facts

Boiling large and complex information down into easy to digest bits is what Odyssey do best. Here are some key stats:


Different types of connectivity supported on MPLS including ADSL, Ethernet Leased Lines and Microwave


With MPLS only 1 firewall is required rather than a unit at every single site


Average usable bandwidth gain when implementing MPLS instead of traditional VPNS

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