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    We are all talking about it, more than likely you will have used it, but do you really know what it is? Creative marketing speak makes us think of some heavenly space where slightly mystical powers work. However, it isn’t some intangible technical nirvana; it’s just another computer managed by someone else, somewhere else. It really is as simple as that.

    The cloud is marketed as an enabler, allowing you to use services anywhere, anytime with newfound levels of ease. However, not everyone appreciates that in buying cloud products you’re giving 100% responsibly to your supplier to make sure their service works, and make sure they keep your data safe. Because of this, understanding their capability is absolutely essential.

    Back in the 90’s if you wanted to use an application you would go off to a shop, purchase a CD and install and run it on your PC. It was very much in the physical world. You would take the time to visit a store and make your purchase; you would invest in the equipment to run the programme as well as the security in your office to keep all your hardware safe, such as burglar and smoke alarms. Let’s not forget about having to make sure you have enough disk space to hold all of your files, and making sure everything was backed up just in case of a failure. Oh and some anti-virus software too. A fairly sizable investment in both your time and cash.

    Things have changed a huge amount in the past twenty years. First of all we’re no longer tied to a single bulky PC stuck in one location. Laptops, tablets, smart phones and even wearable tech like watches all offer the ability to run applications from anywhere at any time. Our devices are much easier to use and manage, with most additional features and applications available with a single tap or click. Secondly, connectivity in the UK has drastically improved via both fixed and mobile connections. It’s the combination of many devices and the ability to transfer huge files in seconds that has paved the way for cloud services.

    Your device just becomes an input/output terminal with the cloud (remember it’s just a remote computer) performing some or all of the processing and data storage. Most of the things you had to take care of yourself back in the 90’s are all managed by your supplier behind the scenes.

    It all sounds good, but before you buy make sure you ask the following questions to your supplier: Where is my data physically stored? Who owns and manages the infrastructure that my service will be provided on? How is my data backed up? If they struggle to answer – walk away.

    Odyssey Systems supply cloud telephone systems based on our own enterprise grade infrastructure. We own and manage all of our equipment to guarantee the best levels of service for our customers. Trust has to be the biggest part of cloud relationships. You need to implicitly trust your Cloud provider to deliver what they promise.

    If you would like to know more about Odyssey Systems cloud telephony services call us on 01642 661800 and we will be happy to de-mystify and simply talk through what is best for your business.