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Our phone lines and calls packages are designed to maximise efficiency through fully understanding your business and rationalising their usage. As a BT wholesale partner, Odyssey is able to provide a comprehensive range of business phone line options, tailored to your exacting needs. All of our support staff have direct access to remote diagnostics tools, enabling us to offer outstanding levels of customer service direct. No middlemen. One invoice. One Company. Odyssey.

Odyssey has offered our customers telephone lines for over 25 years. Over 90% of telephone lines provisioned are now VoIP or SIP lines.

These simply use the internet to transport voice calls, instead of traditional Analogue or ISDN lines. One of the biggest benefits from VoIP is the ability to keep telephone numbers regardless of the geographic location of the business. Multiple simultaneous calls and telephone numbers are supported just like ISDN. As calls are transported using the internet, it is important to note that VoIP is only as reliable as the internet connection being used, so Odyssey also offer a range of connectivity solutions designed to offer the best possible levels of service.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Odyssey as a totally professional and reliable communications company. Odyssey has been providing our calls since 2003 at a cheaper rate than our previous provider and it was decided to approach them to discuss our communication requirements. After initial meetings to discuss our needs a solution was proposed, refined and implemented. A comprehensive training session attended by our administration staff coupled with on-site support on “go-live” day ensured a seamless transition from our previous system. We are now in our second year working with Odyssey and I can confirm that the follow up service from Odyssey is first class.

Glenn Pearce Director, Building Schools For The Future

Key Facts

Boiling large and complex information down into easy to digest bits is what Odyssey do best. Here are some key stats:


Planned end of life for any ISDN circuits with BT


Calls routed via our platform every month


Countries Odyssey can supply landline numbers in

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We also supply the following traditional line services

Single Analogue

Available in all areas, and are the most common type of line for small businesses and home users.

Analogue lines also support broadband internet. A single analogue line can support one inbound or outbound call and can display one number.

Analogue Multi

Common in businesses of more than 5 employees, as they offer two core benefits over analogue.

Firstly, more than one call can be made via a single physical cable into the premises. Secondly, multiple telephone numbers are supported allowing separate external numbers for departments and direct dial numbers for each employee.


(End of life 2025)

Lines can be used for voice and data, ISDN 2 start from 2 lines. However you can add further lines in multiples of two (up to 8 lines) as your business grows.

You can also run broadband over an ISDN 2, but the key difference between that and a single analogue is that you can use the other line simultaneously to make calls.


(End of life 2025)

ISDN 30 is an ideal solution for businesses with 8 or more employees and can offer up to a maximum of 30 channels .but can only be provided if a minimum of 8 channels are needed.

ISDN30 can offer advantages such as, Caller ID, providing the incoming callers name and DDI ranges.

We own and operate our own ISP network to offer our customers the best possible level of service. To find out more about how we can help keep your business talking, get in touch.

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