Odyssey Systems investment triples EV charge capacity

Odyssey Systems investment triples EV charge capacity

Odyssey Systems has invested in a cost-effective electric vehicle charging station that has increased its charging capacity fourfold.

The Stockton-based telecommunications company is now able to keep its four electric cars on the road much longer, thanks to the rapid charge technology.

The installation of the charger – part of the company’s ongoing strategy to convert its entire fleet to electric – is also available for Odyssey staff to use, encouraging more to switch to hybrid or pure electric vehicles for their daily commute.

The Rolec 22kW Quantum pedestal charger, installed by Hartlepool-based JDM Earth, can deliver up to a 90-mile range after just one hour’s charge, with a full charge taking between three and five hours.

This is compared with an outdated EV charger already fitted at the Preston Farm premises that requires an entire day to fully charge just one electric vehicle – which previously severely limited the number of electric vehicles the company could operate.

Andrew Middlemiss, finance director of Odyssey Systems said: “This really is a game changer as the business transitions towards creating a greener fleet of vehicles.

“We were restricted by ‘range anxiety’ based on the length of time it took to achieve a full charge and the limited number of vehicles able to be plugged in.

“This new charge point allows our salespeople to hit the road with sufficient range for a round trip to Leeds or Newcastle. It means electric vehicles are no longer at a disadvantage when compared with their petrol or diesel counterparts.

“We’re keen to convert our entire fleet to electric, as it makes sense both for both the environment and our business, which is rapidly evolving in its aim to become carbon neutral.

“Odyssey Systems is committed to reducing its carbon footprint and I hope that by investing in this charging infrastructure we can play a part in the growing trend towards a widespread adoption of electric vehicles.

Jennifer Mullen, operations director of JDM Earth, said: “As an EV charging installation specialist, we are seeing a dramatic increase in the number of businesses installing workplace charge points.

“As the technology continues to evolve, there has been a growing demand for electric cars, this is largely due to the upcoming tax incentives for electric company vehicles, cost efficiencies, the current subsidies available and also businesses looking to increase their green credentials.”

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