Mike Odysseas, Managing Director of award-winning Tees Valley telecommunications business, believes Government needs to take decisive action and make short-term pain lead to long term improvements to the economy.
He said: “At the rate action is being taken on the economy, our generation’s children and grandchildren are going to be suffering the pain of the recent recession, because the Government has its head in the sand.
“We need some real pain for everyone, whatever they do, however much they earn, to actually get some results and start to solve the financial problems this country is facing.
“There are some signs of improvement, for example with the Treasury closing the £500m tax loophole in relation to Barclays, but Government at all levels needs to start operating at more realistic levels of cost, more in line with private sector business.
“As far as I can see, very little has actually been achieved and decisive action is needed now.”

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